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If you have never been to Alaska, you will be awestruck by the natural power and beauty that is to be found within the Alaskan Wilderness. Each day will present different and amazing scenery as well as wildlife.

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Due to Glacier Bay National Park's vastness and remote nature, it is best viewed from the deck of a small ship cruise! While it would take hikers or kayakers days or weeks to see small portions of the vast 5,100 square miles of the park, the M/V Catita II can provide you an effortless way to view Southeast Alaska’s crown jewel, Glacier Bay National Park.

Aboard the Catita II you will enjoy watching the tidewater glaciers calving right before your eyes. Guests can also enjoy beach combing or hiking throughout the park.

Whether your desire is to hike the untouched tidelands of the park, fish the frigid waters, or Photograph the age old glaciers and wildlife, the Catita II is your premier way to cruise Glacier Bay Alaska.

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Tracy Arm; located about 40 miles Southeast of Juneau is a Fiord like none other! While traveling through this breathtaking stretch of water you will pass dozens or waterfalls, icebergs, seals, whales and so much more.

Once arriving at the head of the arm you will enjoy the magnificent sights of Sawyer Glacier. Sawyer glacier offers two separate tidewater terminals where you will watch breathtaking calving, where glacier ice falls directly into the water below.

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Alaska and British Columbia's Inside Passage is simply breathtaking, with 1000's of waterfalls, endless shoreline, peace and tranquility. A small ship cruise through the Inside Passage is exactly what you and your family are looking for.

Wake up to a freshly prepared home-made meal, hot coffee (or tea, or cocoa), and get your camera ready because each day is unlike any other you will experience! The terrain, wildlife and human inhabitants (scarce as they are) change significantly throughout the region. Don't miss this opportunity to see the Last Frontier.

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